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 Kyle McClellan Interview


Watch "The Sports Couch" in Archive Below:


Guests on "The Sports Couch" today include:  Justin Townsend, Joe Rivers, Bobby Brenneisen, Kenzi Tate, Robbie Kirk, Brett Hefner, and Joe Clark.  The show is hosted by Randy Olson.

Week #4 Football Games:

Black Diamond Conference:
Eldorado 38, Carmi 14
Edwards County 42, Christopher 6
Fairfield 40, Hamilton County 0
Sesser-Valier 46, Johnston City 8
Chester 43, Vienna 13

South-Seven Conference:
Centralia 42, Carbondale 21
Marion 35, Cahokia 32
Belleville Althoff 55, Mt Vernon 6

River-to-River Conference:
Anna -Jonesboro 71, Nashville 34
Carterville 20, Du Quoin 7
Sparta 28, Pinckneyville 7
Herrin 52, Benton 22
Murphysboro 42, Massac County 20
West Frankfort 37, Harrisburg 21

Little Illini Conference:
Flora 38, Lawrenceville 9
Red Hill 42, Newton 31 
Marshall 28, Olney 20
Robinson 33, Casey-Westfield 20

Cahokia Conference:
Carlyle at Breese Central
Red Bud 47, Salem 6
Trenton-Wesclin 21, Columbia 16

Apollo Conference:
Mattoon 41, Charleston 24
Effingham 63, Lincoln 14
Taylorville 31, Mahomet-Seymour 12

Mississippi Valley Conference:
Triad 46, Bethalto 7
Highland 42, Jerseyville 7
Mascoutah 31, Waterloo 19

South Central Conference:
Carlinville 55, Pana 39
Hillsboro 28, Staunton 13
Vandalia 58, Litchfield 30
Greenville 42, Piasa-SW 12
Roxana at Gillespie

Non-Conference Games:
Paris 42, Freeburg 19
Breese Mater Dei 20, Mt Carmel 14 (H)


Watch "The Sports Couch" Show in Archive Below

Guests on the September 9th edition include:  John Shadowens, Kent Hunt, Justin Townsend, Brian Tackitt, Sam Wilson, Mark Goodheart, and Joe Clark.  The show is hosted by Randy Olson.

Week #3 Football Schedule:

Black Diamond Conference

Carmi 52, Edwards County 21 F
Chester 41, Hamilton County 22 F
Fairfield 60, Christopher 0 F
Sesser-Valier 22, Eldorado 14 F
Vienna 20, Johnston City 14 (2-OT) F

Little Illini Conference

Red Hill 32, Paris 14 F
Flora 34, Casey-Westfield 7 F
Newton 49, Lawrenceville 21 F
Marshall 39, Robinson 7 F

Apollo Conference

Effingham 37, Mt. Zion 19 F
Mattoon 34, Lincoln 27 F
Taylorville 55, Charleston 20 F

Cahokia Conference

Breese Central 42, Freeburg 27 F
Carlyle 36, Red Bud 33 F
Columbia 54, Salem 15 F

South Central Conference

Carlinville 49, Litchfield 14 F
Greenville 40, Vandalia 36 F
Hillsboro 27, Roxana 0 F
Pana 49, Gillespie 6 F
Staunton 50, Piasa-Southwestern 40 F

Non-Conference Games:

Belleville Althoff 33, Breese Mater Dei 0 F
Cahokia 22, St. Louis Gateway, MO 0 F
Carterville 35, Murphysboro 7 F
Harrisburg 21, Boonville,IN 14 F
DuQuoin 21, Herrin 17 F
Highland 45, Marion 27 F
Centralia 56, Jerseyville 52 F
Mahomet-Seymour 22, Mascoutah 21 F
Anna-Jonesboro 40, Massac County 7 F
Princeton, IN 30, Mt Carmel 27 F
Oblong at Atwood-Hammond
Bethalto 20, Olney 6 F
Benton 41, Pinckneyville 0 F
Trenton-Wesclin 35, Nashville 14 F
Triad 55, Mt. Vernon 7 F
Waterloo 25, Carbondale 19 F
West Frankfort 33, Sparta 16 F

Watch "The Sports Couch" Sept 2nd In Archive

Guests on the September 2nd edition of the "The Sports Couch" include:  Kent Williams, Justin Townsend, Brian Tackitt, Vimal Patel, Dan Mings, and Jason Hall.  The show is hosted by Randy Olson & Danny Anselment on 90.9 The Vine Radio and streamed Live on the screen below.


Football Games on Week #2

Black Diamond Conference:
Carmi 40, Christopher 0
Eldorado 34, Vienna-Goreville 15
Fairfield 56, Chester 22 
Johnston City 14, Hamilton County 0
Sesser-Valier 34, Edwards County 7

Cahokia Conference:
Carlyle 48, Freeburg 27
Trenton-Wesclin 49, Red Bud 14
Breese Central 33, Salem 18

Little Illini Conference:
Newton 49, Casey-Westfield 14
Red Hill 63, Olney 26
Paris 40, Lawrenceville 6
Flora 43, Robinson 21

Apollo Conference:
Effingham 50, Taylorville 37
Mahomet-Seymour 24, Charleston 12
Mt. Zion 34, Lincoln 13

South Central Conference:
Carlinville 63, Gillespie 20
Piasa-Southwestern 36, Litchfield 34
Pana 47, Roxana 32
Greenville 40, Staunton 16
Vandalia 26, Hillsboro 7

Non-Conference Games:
Alton-Marquette 18, Breese Mater Dei 0
Belleville Althoff 21, Jefferson City, MO 15
Highland 63, Belleville East 33
Benton 29, Sparta 13
East Alton-Wood River 21, Bethalto 7
Camden, NJ 26, Cahokia 8
Granite City 55, Carbondale 30
Morton 50, Centralia 42
Columbia 31, Waterloo 25
Seneca 54, Dupo 33
DuQuoin 33, Harrisburg 27
Herrin 49, Carterville 20
Dunlap 35, Marion 21
Geneseo 35, Marshall 7 at Augustana College
Mascoutah 48, Mattoon 9
Jerseyville 27, Metamora 24
Woodstock 34, Mt Vernon,I L 28 (2-Overtimes) at Urbana-Champaign 
Mt. Vernon, IN 28, Mt. Carmel 22
Anna-Jonesboro 43, Murphysboro 14
Nashville 17, Massac County 12
West Frankfort 36, Pinckneyville 14
Shreveport , LA 14, East St. Louis 6
Cumberland 43, Sullivan 7
Triad 44, Collinsville 7

Watch the August 26th Edition of "The Sports Couch" Below:

Week #1 Scoreboard:

Black Diamond Conference:
Eldorado 42, Chester 22
Fairfield 48, Johnston City 0
Edwards County 21, Hamilton County 6
Sesser-Valier 27, Carmi 12
Vienna 41, Christopher 6

Little Illini Conference:
Red Hill 42, Robinson 7
Casey-Westfield at Paris
Marshall 40, Flora 8
Olney 45, Lawrenceville 14

South Central Conference:
Carlinville 18, Hillsboro 7
Staunton 45, Litchfield 7
Pana 25, Greenville 13
Piasa-Southwestern 22, Roxana 6
Vandalia 49, Gillespie 20

Non-Conference Games:
Anna -Jonesboro 43, West Frankfort 18
Belleville Althoff 42, Collinsville 0
Alton-Marquette 21, Bethalto 7
Trenton-Wesclin 36, Soth Mac 33
Carbondale 21, Murphysboro 6
Carterville 28, Benton 15
Centralia 49, Salem 19 
DuQuoin 48, Massac County 8
Breese Mater Dei 27, Effingham 26
Harrisburg 17, Mt. Carmel 14
Herrin 28, Waterloo 21`
Granite City 52, Jerseyville 41
Marion 49, Mascoutah 34
Triad 48, Mattoon 20
Taylorville 42, Mt Vernon 6
Mt. Zion 47, Bartonville-Limestone 0
Carlyle 34, Nashville 27
Red Bud 21,  Pinckneyville 7
Freeburg 61, Sparta 18
Breese Central 48, East Alton-Wood River 41

Watch The Sports Couch Show (August 19th) Below

We preview week #1 of the HS football season with six area coaches:  Justin Townsend of Fairfield, Dan Mings of Johnston City, Mark Goodheart of Mt Vernon, Jeff Rush of Hamilton County, Joe Clark of Eldorado, and Brian Tackitt of Flora.  The show is hosted by Randy Olson & Danny Anselment.


Watch May 6th "Sports Couch" Show in Archive


Watch the May 6th edition of "The Sports Couch" show in ARCHIVE on the screen above.  Guests include:  KMOX Sports Director, Tom Ackerman with a discussion about the Cardinals and Blues, Coach Scott Burzynski of Johnston City, Coach Tim Holloway of Mt Vernon, Coach Marty Slover of Frontier College, and Coach Phil Leib of Flora. The show is hosted by Randy Olson & Danny Anselment.

The Sports Couch Show Archive - January 21

Enjoy 90-minutes of local sports talk on the January 21 edition of "The Sports Couch" as guests include: Coach Scott McElravy of Fairfield, Coach Tyler Mitchell of Waltonville, Coach Brian Gamber of Woodlawn, Coach Tyler Buss of Mt Carmel, Coach Ron Winemiller of Benton and Coach Jon Kraus of Okawville as well as a Live report from the B.I.T. The show is hosted by Randy Olson.

Eldorado Holiday Tournament Championship

 Watch the Championship Game of the Eldorado Holiday Tournament in Archive on the screen above as the Herrin Tigers face the Eldorado Eagles.  Randy Olson & Danny Anselment describe the action.  See the Full Scoreboard Results and original Bracket Here.

Archive:  Gallatin County vs Eldorado at the EHT


Semi-Final action from the Eldorado Holiday Tournament on the screen above as the unseeded Gallatin County Hawks battle the Eldorado Eagles.  It was a 37-36 nail biter. To watch more video archives from the Eldorado Holiday Tournament, visit www.FoxesFans.net

Sports Couch Archive:  December 17th Show

Guests on the Dec 17, 2016 show include:  Coach Scott McElravy of Fairfield, Coach Ron Winemiller of Benton, Coach Don Kueper of Wayne City, Coach Lee Bennett of Centralia, Coach Doug Creel of Mt Vernon, Coach Brian Gamber of Woodlawn, and Coach Tyler Buss of Mt Carmel.  We will also chat with new Wayne City AD Lance Boldt.  The show is hosted by Randy Olson and Danny Anselment.

Conrad Allen Archive:  Wayne City vs Fairfield JV

Black Diamond ARCHIVE: Hamilton County vs Fairfield


Black Diamond Conference boys basketball battle between the Fairfield Mules and the Hamilton County Foxes, direct from McLeansboro. Danny Anselment and Jay Lentz describe the action.

Conrad Allen Archive:  Cisne vs Webber Twp:

Conrad Allen ARCHIVE:  Wayne City vs Grayville:

Conrad Allen Archive:  Webber Twp vs Red Hill:

December 10th ARCHIVE of "The Sports Couch" Show:

December 10th edition of "The Sports Couch" show. Guest today include: Scott McElravy of Fairfield, Russ Gerlach of Edwards County, Doug Creel of Mt Vernon, Brian Gamber of Woodlawn, Jeremy varner of Hamilton County and we will preview the Eldorado Holiday Tournament with Greg Goodley of Eldorado. The show is hosted by Randy Olson & Danny Anselment.

December 3rd Archive of "The Sports Couch" Show

Watch "The Sports Couch" show ARCHIVE from (Saturday, December 3rd) on the screen above as we focus on area high school basketball action with (6) different guests including Andy Fehrenbacher of Salem, Jon Kraus of Okawville, Doug Creel of Mt Vernon, Shane Garner of Sesser-Valier, Doug Miller of Gallatin County and Clint Winemiller of Hamilton County.  This episode is hosted by Randy Olson and Danny Anselment.

November 26th Archive of "The Sports Couch" Show


Guests on the November 26th episode include Scott McElravy of Fairfield, Don Kuepper of Wayne City, Phil Leib of Flora, Russ Gerlach of Edwards County, Doug Creel of Mt Vernon, and Tonya Conrad of Fairfield.  This show is hosted by Randy Olson.

Volleyball:  Frontier Bobcats vs Illinois Central

Watch the ARCHIVE broadcast of the college volleyball match between Frontier Community College and Illinois Central College, direct from Fairfield.  Randy Olson describes the action.

Spring Training Interview with Adam Wainwright

As the winner of the 2016 KMOX SpringTraining Sports Correspondent's Contest, I was blessed to be able to travel to Jupiter, Florida and spend a few days working alongside Tom Ackerman of KMOX, covering the Cardinals.  One of the many highlights was the opportunity to interview pitching ace, Adam Wainwright.  CLICK HERE for the interview Archive.

2A Sectional Championship:  Lawrenceville vs Teutopolis


Championship Game of the Class 2A Sectional Tournament at Flora between the Teutopolis Wooden Shoes and the Lawrenceville Indians.  Both teams were ranked in the top 10 all season long.  Randy Olson & Danny Anselment describe the action.

Archive:  Frontier College vs Rend Lake College Volleyball



 Jerry Sloan Interview

NBA Hall of Fame coach, Jerry Sloan sits down with Randy Olson to talk about his career and the naming of the high school gym at McLeansboro in his honor.  

 Rick Horton Interview

Randy interviews former Cardinal player & current broadcaster Rick Horton inside the KMOX studios in St Louis.

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